EMC Testing

EMC Testing (or Electro-Magnetic Compatibility testing) is testing the ability of an electronic device to operate in its intended environment without interference (immunity testing) and without causing interference to (emission testing) other devices in the same environment.

The EMC testing and certification facilities located at Compliance Engineering cater for a broad range of industry specific requirements. Following are some of the industry sectors that we provide EMC testing and certification for:

Compliance Engineering have been accredited by A2LA (NATA accepted equivalent) to perform testing to many EMC test requirements detailed above.

View our scope of A2LA accreditation: http://www.a2la.org/scopepdf/2829-01.pdf

A2LA and NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) are both signatories to the ILAC MRA and testing from each organisation are mutually recognised.

Preliminary EMC Testing

Our EMC testing facilities can also be hired out on a time basis, for preliminary EMC testing, prior to formal compliance testing to investigate and modify products that do not comply with relevant EMC standards.

EMC Testing Report Assessment

If you can obtain a CE EMC testing report from your overseas supplier, you may not need to repeat EMC testing for compliance with Australian C-Tick / RCM requirements. Compliance Engineering can assess EMC testing reports for suitability against Australian EMC Testing requirements for C-Tick / RCM. The outcome of an EMC testing report assessment is a detailed written assessment identifying suitability along with any shortcomings that should be addressed.

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